Living a Happier, More Fulfilling Life

Happiness equals to reality divided by expectation.

Living a Happier, More Fulfilling Life… Really!

Happiness? Fulfillment?

A Meaningful Quote about Happiness

Seeing from a different perspective, the quote above can be taken as: “If you wait for everything to be fine and dandy before you can be happy, you’re in dire need of therapy.”

Happiness and fulfillment, fundamentally, are states of mind and the means to these much coveted experiences is within each and everyone of us. No one can take away the key to these positive mental states without our permission. As incredulous as it may sound, people do—albeit unconsciously—permits others to make them unhappy and discontented.

“Hold your horses,” I can just hear some say. “how can I be happy when my life’s in a rut?” Others lamented that their lives are inundated with frustration since their spouses/partners/Child(ren) are unrepentant, recalcitrant snobs.

Yet others justified their low spirits, with a tinge of defiance and bucketful of self-righteousness, that they can’t be jolly because they are sick/broke/angry/depressed/(feel free to fill in any “valid” excuses you can think of).

Granted, life isn’t a bed of thornless roses. The aforementioned precarious predicament may be undeniable, convincing justifications (not to mention self-fulfilling prophecy) for some to feel a little down—but just for a short while.

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