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Ministry of Therapy

Happy and Satisfied Customer.

At the Ministry of Therapy, our professionally-trained therapists utilise scientifically proven, time-tested therapeutic techniques to effectively and efficiently promote mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Some of these techniques include Clinical Hypnotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-Focused Brief Ther­apy (SFBT), Moti­va­tional Inter­view­ing (MI), Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), amongst others.

Personalized Treatment

You are unique and we appreciate that.

You have distinct experiences, preferences, needs, habits, and perceptions. Consequently, we customize and individualize the treatment plan according to your specific needs. This ensures that you receive the most holistic and efficacious treatment possible.

Our counselors and psychotherapists are dedicated to providing quality, client-centric services with unrelenting attention to excellence, safety, confidentiality and an unparalleled passion and commitment to assure the very best for all we serve.

Our Commitment to You

Excellent Customer Service

We, at Ministry of Therapy, aim to offer an exceptionally satisfying, life-changing experience that exceeds your expectations.

Our mission has been and will always be to facilitate the resolution of your personal uneasiness, worries, and mental anguish.

With this purpose in mind, we set up a secure and conducive environment, augmented by a personalised therapy plan, to help you develop and expand the life skills necessary to achieve self-reliance, fortitude, and personal success.