Living a Happier, More Fulfilling Life

Happiness equals to reality divided by expectation.

Positive Mindset

Many would consider it a deplorable tragedy for an intelligent and successful young person, such as Randy, to be struck by a deadly cancer in the prime of his life (not that acquiring a disease at an later age is any less devastating, it’s just more tragic when the person is younger).

Rather than feeling grief-stricken and dejected, “If I don’t seem as depressed or morose as I should be, sorry to disappoint you.” was Randy’s attitude. Instead of sulking in bed awaiting the inevitable, he made the most of his reminding time. He made it crystal clear that he wasn’t in denial. That it wasn’t even a case of fairness (or unfairness).

Randy Pausch and son
Randy Pausch & son

Given the abruptness and severity of the situation, it is difficult to fathom how he could remain so light-hearted, so full of life.

We must realize that Randy, though achieved an amazing, almost superhuman feat under such challenging circumstance, is after all, just an ordinary mortal.

Like all of us, he had all-too-human strengths and weaknesses. So when facing his own impending demise, what made him react so differently, so resiliently, so extraordinarily than the rest? What made him rise up rather than fell down?

The decisive characteristic that enabled him to transcend his misfortune was none other than his positive mindset.

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