Quit / Stop Smoking

Help! I want to quit smoking

When I smoke, it’s like I was a second-class citizen…in my own country! With the expanding non-smoking zones; minimum fine of S$200 for getting caught smoking in a non-smoking zone; hefty cigarette duties and taxes. It’s high time to quit smoking…

Quit smoking? A wise choice indeed…

Find it hard to quit smoking?

Cigarette smoking is an addiction. That’s right, it’s a real biological addiction. That is why some many tried quitting, but so few succeed.

Afraid no though, there is a way, simple yet effective for stopping your smoking addiction.

It’s Not Your Fault That You Couldn’t Quit Smoking

What most people failed to realize is how extremely addictive nicotine in cigarettes is. You may recall just how good it feels to smoke a cigarette. Why is that? The reason is because nicotine in cigarettes triggers the brain into releasing dopamine, the ‘feel good’ chemical. As smoking becomes more frequent and habitual, nicotine receptors also increase correspondingly.

So what happens when you attempt to stop smoking? These receptors start craving for nicotine and before long, you reach for a cigarette to satisfy the crave.

Help Me Quit Smoking

Those who have successfully quit smoking using the cold turkey method and pure willpower are really the exception rather than the rule. You may have tried nicotine patch, inhaler, and even medications (with its side-effects) with little success.

But now, there is a simple and totally natural way to help you stop smoking. To succeed, all you need is to contact us and to decide to become a non-smoker.

Say ‘goodbye’ to smoking, breathlessness, phlegmy cough, lung cancer, and heart disease.

Say ‘hello’ to good health and a substantial savings.

Contact us to begin your journey towards a healthy, smoke-free living.