Past Life Regression Therapy & Reincarnation

Past-life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy & Reincarnation

A True Account of Past Life and Reincarnation?

ABC Primetime aired a documentary on June 30, 2005* of a down-to-earth Christian family living in Louisiana, USA. Nothing unusual about it except that its members were experiencing reincarnation first hand.

The protagonist was a young boy named James Leininger.

At a very young age, James played exclusively with model airplanes and possessed intimate knowledge of the Vought F4U Corsair fighter plane. He revealed to his astonished parents that he was a World War II, U.S. Navy fighter pilot who was shot down by the Japanese at Iwo Jima.

When he was slightly older, he started calling himself James 3. Want to know why? Keep an open mind and enjoy the video.

* To read the news article, click here.

After James’ amazing reincarnation story was aired, a follow-up video was made. This time, by a Japanese crew.

In this video, young James provided even more compelling evidence of his previous life as a young boy with two elder sisters (he was the only child when the second video was made). He was even able to recognize and name war veterans who served with him on board the “Natoma”, a US aircraft carrier.

Besides the past life and reincarnation story of James Leininger, psychotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D., and many other researchers, had documented and verified numerous cases of reincarnation.

Past-Life Regression Therapy

Professional psychotherapists and hypnotherapists have been able to successfully and effectively utilize information elicited during past-life regression in therapy to help patients overcome their difficulties or at least alleviate their distress.

Perhaps you are curious about past life or are experiencing challenges of an inexplicable nature. It could be a phobia, an emotional issue of unknown origin, a psychosomatic pain or ailment, or suffering abusive relationships time and again. The answers may be awaiting you in another time and place, in the distant past, in another life.

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