Stress Management for Adults

Stress Management, Reduction, and Relief

Are You Feeling Stressed-Out?

Stress comes from many different sources – uncooperative colleagues, heavy workload, increasing financial burden due to raising cost of living, demanding spouse, difficult children, imperious in-laws, the list goes on and on – there’s just no escaping it.

So what can we do to minimize the debilitating, suffocating grip from stress?

First and foremost, we have to realize that

Stress may be inevitable but feeling vex, annoyed, or helpless…

is optional.

In fact, vexation, annoyance, helplessness are incapacitating emotions that would only compound the issue and possibly lead to a weaken immune system (and its related diseases), chronic anger, and/or depression.

It is crucially important to also realize that you have the power to decide whether to allow stress to get to you or be proactive and take the necessary steps to mitigate its negative effects.

The following are some stress-busting tips to extenuate the effects of stress:

  • Exercise – Cycling or practice yoga or Tai-chi. Alternatively, take a 10-15mins short stroll in the park, temporarily remove yourself from the stress-inducing environment is known to significantly reduces stress.
  • Mindful MeditationMeditation – Practice meditation 10-15mins a day. Studies show that meditation promotes relaxation and strengthen our immune system.
  • Leisure – Do something that you always wanted to do but never get round to doing it. Pick up a new hobby like playing chess, gardening, or painting.
  • Time Management – Allocate time for yourself to relax. During this time, turn off all communication devices such as your mobile phone, and laptop.
  • Self-help – Learn self-hypnosis. Hypnosis can induce rapid relaxation both physically and mentally. Lessons are available at the Ministry of Therapy. You may contact us to schedule for an appointment here.