Take Charge of Your Asthma the Simple Way

When asthma attacks. The narrowing of the airways cause the lungs to starved for air.
Asthma attack! Inflamed and narrowed airways causing breathlessness.

Times Magazine featured an article titled “Asthma & Hypnosis” where a frail 60-year-old asthmatic patient, long given up hope and expecting the worst, was quickly and effectively relieved of his debilitating condition caused by asthma.

The patient experienced bronchial asthma, a condition marked by inflammation and narrowing of the airways, leading to severe difficulty breathing. Despite exhaustive medical interventions like antibiotics, Adrenalin, steroid hormones, and oxygen, relief remained elusive. Yet amidst the frustration, a glimmer of hope emerged from an unexpected source. It was the skilful application of hypnotherapy by a clinician, in concert with the patient’s unconscious (a.k.a subconscious) mind, that finally delivered respite from the suffocating grip of asthma.

Dr. Sinclair-Gieben, the psychiatrist highlighted in the Times Magazine article mentioned above, freed the elderly patient from his asthmatic symptoms using hypnotherapy. By inducing a hypnotic trance, he provided suggestions for relief, which the patient embraced. As a result, the patient’s unconscious mind translated these suggestions into tangible improvements. Astonishingly, within ten days, the once-deteriorating patient was up and dancing.

The success story of Dr. Sinclair-Gieben and his patient is not an isolated incident but is emblematic of a broader trend. The transformative power of clinical hypnotherapy in asthma management is deeply rooted in medical history. Its effectiveness has been rigorously tested and validated over time, providing a beacon of hope for those grappling with this debilitating condition. Dr. Sinclair-Gieben’s patient is one more shining example of the potential of clinical hypnotherapy to bring about remarkable improvements in respiratory health.

Furthermore, a critical review conducted by the University of California positively demonstrated that clinical hypnotherapy is an effective intervention for asthma, offering hope and relief to countless sufferers.

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