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Doorway to Your Past

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Past Life Regression. Doorway to your past
Doorway to your past

Have you ever experienced deja vu, recurring dreams of a particular place or time, or wondered where certain fear, habit or unusual behavior comes from?

Ever find yourself inexplicably drawn to someone and they to you, feeling the instant connection like you have known each other for ages?

Are there periods in history that you feel particularly drawn to or have enjoyed studying more? Is there a certain place or country that you feel particularly drawn to?

Any of the above maybe giving you clues to your past lives!

What is Age Regression & Past life Regression?

Age Regression and Past life Regression are hypnotherapy approaches that enable you to access your past memories and experiences from this lifetime as well as from past incarnations.

What’s the Benefits of Using Age Regression or Past life Regression?

Benefits of Age Regression & Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy
Benefits of Age Regression & Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Age Regression and Past life Regression allow you to investigate your past or previous lifetimes as they may shed insights on particular issues that you are experiencing in your present lifetime. Perhaps it’s an unfounded phobia, repeated dreams, a undesirable habit that you can’t break regardless of how hard you try, or even “psychosomatic” pains.

Age Regression or Past Life Regression techniques may bring the underlying causes to light. These techniques are adept at uncovering clues (if any) significant to the issue you are seeking resolution to.

Whilst the details of the past life seems exciting and alluring, even romantic to some, the focus ultimately are the lessons from the past which hold the key to the problem at hand.

What if I Don’t Believe in Past Life or Reincarnation?

Cellular memory & DNA
Cellular memory & DNA

Granted, past life regression experiences for the most part are subjective and not often validated with factual details. However, there is an increasing number of documented cases where details retrieved in a past life regression therapy session were confirmed with actual lifetimes, and real verifiable information.

There are many possible explanations of what past life experiences actually are. Rest assured that whichever theory you are most comfortable with is fine and does not detract from the usefulness of the session.

Regardless of whether you believe in reincarnation or not, the primary importance is the information that surfaces from the unconscious mind that could crucially allow you to forge ahead; to move past blockages which may have held you down your entire life. In a therapeutic sense, this is wonderfully healing.

Tap into Your Superior Inner Resources

Past Life Regression Allows You to Tap into Your Superior Resources
Past Life Regression Allows You to Tap into Your Superior Resources

We all want to change for the better, clearing whatever is blocking us so that we can move forward. When we begin to heed the lessons learned through regression therapy, we can more positively fast track our own success “this time around”.

If you’re stuck in life and sense, feel or believe that the answer may lie in your distant past or past lives, Age Regression or Past Life Regression therapies are promising and worthwhile therapeutic approach that could help you to unlock the mystery.

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