Nail Biting

Nail biting

Help! I Can’t Stop Biting My Nails

Below are what some nail biters say about their nail biting:

I wasn’t aware of my nail biting habit until one of my fingers began to bleed from my constant nibbling… Now I fear looking at my fingernails. They looked unsightly and led others to think I’m a sloppy person.

I know I shouldn’t bite my nails but I just can’t help doing it especially when I feel stress or anxious.

Do you bite your nails when you feel anxious, stressed, and/or bored?

Compulsive nail biting, known medically as onychophagia, is an unconscious behavior that we repeat out of anxiety, stress or boredom. When feeling anxious and/or stressed, some people gain a soothing, calming effect when they bite their nails.

Conversely, when some of us feel bored, nail-biting may provide a much needed level of stimulation, helping to keep us alert or awake.

Nail infection

It’s not uncommon for nail-biters to feel embarrassed about the condition of their nails and helpless of their nail-biting habit. Chronic nail biters also expose themselves to higher risk of bacteria infection, dental problems, and stomach problems if they happen to swallow the bitten-off nails. Furthermore, our society frown on those of us who nail-bite compulsively.

Treatment for Nail-Biting

It is paramount to understand that nail biting is an unconscious act. To effectively stop nail biting, treatment must focus on the unconscious, the fundamental root cause(s) as well as the behavioral component of the condition.

Unlike nail-biting creams which treat the effect rather than the cause of nail biting, hypnotherapy treats the underlying psychological issues and promotes better and healthy ways of handling stress, anxiety, and boredom.

To effectively stop your nail biting habit, to prevent infection, sensitive and bleeding fingertips, contact us for an appointment today.