Stress Management

Image: A gauge displaying a needle pointing to the "Sky High" sector on a blood pressure scale. This visual representation highlights the detrimental effects of chronic high-level stress on health and well-being.

Up to 90% of All Doctor’s Visits are Stress-Related!

Trying to avoid stress is like trying to stop the sun from coming up. It’s simply impossible. The good news is, we can all learn to manage stress effectively with a few simple, scientifically-proven techniques.

The human body is built to handle periodic, short-term, high-intensity stress. For instance, being chased by a saber-tooth tiger. You either become lunch or you escape, rest, and recuperate thus bringing your physical, emotional, and mental states back to equilibrium.

The Adverse Effects of Stress on Our Bodies

However, living in the modern day subjects us to a more sinister kind of stress, the chronic stress. We are living perpetually in a state of heightened anxiety and fear. Think 6-foot black bear (a.k.a overbearing boss), back-stabbing colleagues, deadlines, examinations, traffic jam, financial worries, obnoxious and unreasonable people… the list goes on and on.

Chronic stress leads us to stress-related disorders like depression, dementia, or schizophrenia.

Studies upon studies also show that chronic stress aggravates pre-existing medical conditions leading to more serious, some even life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, immune disorders, high-blood pressure, and even early death.

Fortunately, stress management is easy if you know how. The simplest strategy to cope with stress is … Relaxation! And hypnotherapy promotes relaxation like no others. Unlike drugs which may potentially cause undesirable side-effects, or massage and aroma therapy which offers only temporary relieve, hypnotherapy helps you relieve stress naturally, lastingly, and effortlessly.

Harmful Effects of Stress on Health

If you are sick and tired of constantly feeling stressed out. If you long for a healthier, less stressful lifestyle (and perhaps to see your children and grandchildren grow up). If you are serious about learning safe and effective ways of reducing and managing stress, and achieving a higher quality of life, contact us today before it’s too late.

*Images courtesy of Mental Health America

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