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Motivates Your Child and Stop Procrastination You have tried every conceivable tricks you know to motivate your child to focus on his (or her) studies, from reasoning to bribery to threats and punishments but nothing works. Well, you are not alone. Below are some common parents’ complaints about their children’s […]

Motivates Your Child to Study Smarter and Stop Procrastination

Quick and Simple Way to Lose Weight Are you looking to shed some extra pounds but feels helpless about how to do it? Do you wish to become gracefully slim? Want to fit into that gorgeous evening gown? Or perhaps you just want to look good and be healthy. In […]

Quick and Simple Way to Lose Weight

Help Children and teens cope with stress effectively.
Helping Kids Cope with Stress Effectively Stress is not the province of adults only. Young children and teenagers today encounter many stressful life events at earlier ages from homework (or homejoy as some schools call it), competition with other children, tight schedules, Co-curricular activities, and demanding parents. Without learning any […]

Helping Kids Cope with Stress Effectively

Stress Management, Reduction, and Relief
Are You Feeling Stressed-Out? Stress comes from many different sources – uncooperative colleagues, heavy workload, increasing financial burden due to raising cost of living, demanding spouse, difficult children, imperious in-laws, the list goes on and on – there’s just no escaping it. So what can we do to minimize the […]

Stress Management for Adults

Frustration, Rage, Anger Management
Practical Tips for Anger Management Uncontrolled frustration, anger, rage is detrimental to our physical and mental health especially if it is experienced over a prolonged duration. Studies suggest an intimate relationship between chronic anger and diseases linked with weakened immune systems such as coronary disease, and cancer. Evidences also suggest […]

Tips to Manage Your Anger

Keeping New Year’s Resolutions… Are You Still? Many people aren’t. Why is that? Why is it such a challenge to stick to our New Year’s resolutions when we felt so determined when setting them? How can we keep to our New Year’s resolutions faithfully? Many of us reflect on the […]

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions on Track

Anorexia Nervosa
On 16th June 2011, Mail online ran an article titled: “Our Deadly Anorexia Pact” featuring the incredible and heartbreaking story of twins Maria and Katy Campbell and their life-long struggle with Anorexia Nervosa. It all started by an innocent, harmless remark made by one of their parents when they were […]

Incredible Real-life Story of Twin Anorexics

Hypnotherapy - Get more done with less stress
Benefits of (a Little) Stress A little stress once in a while may be good as it can help us concentrate and stay focus with the task at hand but chronic stress drains us of the very energy required to get the job done. Here are a few handy tips […]

Tips to Get More Done with Less Stress