Secret to Building Long-Lasting, Fulfilling & Healthy Relationships

Building Lasting, Fulfilling & Happy Relationships

Living under the same roof is no guarantee that people would get to really understand and value one another. In fact, it may produce the opposite effect.

One of the consequences of small family size, rising affluence, demanding work commitments, pursuit of material wealth, and the abundance of distractions – Internet, movies, theme parks, shopping – is that people are less likely to bond or they drift apart gradually. These factors have done little to promote family cohesiveness. Instead, they hasten its dispersal.

The lack of genuine communication is at the heart of the problem. We have a myriad of communication tools today yet we communicate less. Instead of phone calls, we send e-mails. Rather than a friendly smile and a warm handshake, we send text messages with emoticons.

“My son sends text messages to my daughter… when they were sitting right across one another, at the dining table.”

– Mr Chan, Father of 2.

Besides our home, our workplace or educational institutions are where most of us spend a good deal of our waking hours at. People in these establishments – colleagues, educators & students – spending much time together, similarly fail to truly appreciate each other.

Charles: Put yourself in my shoes and you will understand.

Cindy: I wish to but your shoes stink.

– just for laughs

So what are we to do in order to foster long-lasting and healthy relationships? I thought you’d never ask.

Here's the Secret to fostering long-lasting, and healthy relationships:

Be the person you wish you (or your loved ones) had

Here are a few examples:

  • For Dads & Mums, be the parent you wish you had.
  • For Sons & daughters, be the child you wish your children to be.
  • For Brothers & Sisters, be the sibling you wish you had.
  • For intimate partners, be the husband/boyfriend you wish your daughter to have; be the wife/girlfriend you wish your son to have.
  • Friends: Be the best friend you wish you had.
  • Educators: Be the teacher you wish you had when you were a student.
  • Professionals: Be the co-worker you wish you had.

As a prize for reading this article this far, here’s a bonus: “Always treat others in the way they like to be treated (The Platinum Rule).”

Now that you know The Secret to building long-lasting and healthy relationships. It’s time to put them into actions. Keep practising and you will enjoy the fruits of your effort sooner or later.

In your relationships with others, remember the basic and critically important rule: If you want to be loved, be lovable.

— Anonymous

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