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All that pertains to services the Ministry of Therapy provides for our clients.

Image shows a pair of wedding rings on a dictionary showing the word infidelity.

Infidelity Counselling in Singapore: A Path to Forgiveness and Healing

The Devastating Consequences of Infidelity and the Quest for Healing Infidelity is a complex and deeply personal topic, evoking intense emotions and penetrating the core of trust in relationships.” When infidelity occurs, it shakes the foundation of trust and emotional connection, leaving individuals struggling with hurt, anger, confusion, and shame. […]

Trichotillomania Relief: Effective Strategies for Managing Hair-Pulling Urges

What’s Trichotillomania (Hair-Pulling)? Trichotillomania (Hair-Pulling) is a mental health condition that involves an irresistible urge to pull out hair from any part of the body, despite the individual’s conscious efforts to stop. Pulling can occur in the scalp, brows, eyelashes, armpits, and even the pubic region. While some sufferers may […]

Internet Gaming Online Computer Addiction

Video Game Addiction! It’s a Real Thing

Gaming Addiction: Lost in the Virtual World Gaming—online or offline, first-person or multi-players, console, PC, tablet, or mobile phone—provides lighthearted fun and entertainment and is a great way to keep boredom at bay. Video games have become an integral part of life for more and more adults, teens, young children, […]

Perseverance, Persistence, Tenacity

How You Too Can Improve Your Perseverance Skills with these 10 Tips

Challenges in the Development of Perseverance, Persistence, and Tenacity Let’s begin with a couple of brainteasers. Take a guess, Before revealing the answers, let’s recall occasions when you embarked on significant courses of action, such as planning a vacation, purchasing a big-ticket item, preparing a business proposal, or deciding on […]

Past-life Regression Therapy

Past-Life Regression Therapy & Reincarnation

Past-Life Regression Therapy & Reincarnation A True Account of Past Life and Reincarnation? ABC Primetime aired a documentary on June 30, 2005,* of a down-to-earth Christian family living in Louisiana, USA. Nothing remarkable except that one of its members had experienced reincarnation first-hand. The protagonist was a young boy named James […]