Seven Surprisingly Simple Ways to Beat Chronic Stress You Can Start Today

Hypnotherapy - Get more done with less stress

Top Tips for Getting More Done With Less Stress

A little stress can help you concentrate and focus. Unfortunately, we are constantly bombarded with demands from people who are unconcerned or oblivious of our suffocating workload and who have the “I-need-it-yesterday” mentality. This invariably stresses you out, exhausting the precious energy you need to get the job done.

According to scientific research, chronic stress weakens our immune systems, aggravates pre-existing health problems, and makes us more prone to infections and diseases.

If you want to grow with lesser stress; achieve more while preserving your overall well-being, you need to maintain your mental, physical, and emotional health.

In other words, you must learn ways to manage your stress is crucial.

Here are a few handy tips to help you get more done with less stress:

  1. Identify what’s truly important to you—family, career, friendships, self-development—and focus your energy and effort on each one of them. Life is too short to waste time.
  2. Learn to delegate. Do what you are good at and delegate the rest whenever possible.
  3. Learn when to say, “No,” (even if you are not overworked.) This single word can literally save your life and sanity.
  4. Get acquainted with Mr Murphy. Murphy’s law states, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Anticipate potential and realistic issues and plan for such eventualities.
  5. Learn the Scout Motto, “Be Prepared,” but don’t overthink it.
  6. Learn to discern what’s important and/or urgent and prioritise.
  7. Set aside time for rest and relaxation at least once a week, if not daily.

These seven essential tips merely scratch the surface of how you can effectively manage stress while leading a meaningful and productive life.

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