A “Smashing” New Way to Relieve Anger and Stress

Anger Management: Smashing and Breaking Stuff to Relieve Stress and Frustration

Smashing and Breaking Things to Relieve Anger and Stress

Anger Management - Smashing and Breaking Stuff to Relieve Anger and Stress

Anger and stress are pent-up energy that cry out—even demands—some form of release. While some find solace in passive activities such as watching TV, getting a massage, or enjoying a meal with loved ones, others seek a more physically engaging approach, preferring to unleash their frustrations through cathartic acts of wielding a sledgehammer.

Since going on a rampage is not always viable—not to mention costly and illegal under many circumstances—perhaps a purpose-built room which facilitates the smashing and breaking stuff up is the answer.

Introducing the Anger (or Rage) Room, a new trend that smashed onto Singapore’s shore in 2017—no pun intended. Providing a controlled setting, it allows you to safely smash and vent to your heart’s content. For a fee, you get a buffet spread of everyday items like TV sets, computers, furniture, plates, or drinking glasses to demolish. Even mannequins are available for the right price.

Such a novel and innovative idea…but is it just a clever distraction from the real issues?

Plant the Seed, Fuel the Raging Fire

Participating in an activity, especially when it elicits strong emotions, creates a powerful imprint on your mind and body. When you participate in the activity often enough, this imprint becomes deeply ingrained in the brain’s circuitry, and the practised action becomes instinctive. Its is why airline pilots undergo rigorous emergency training, athletes commit to extensive practice sessions before competitions, and chefs invest countless hours refining their culinary skills.

Mental Imprint Through Repeated Practice
Mental Imprint Through Repeated Practice

So, what do the deepening mental imprint and practised action have to do with smashing and venting? As it happens, quite a bit, actually. Allow me to explain…

When you vent your anger and frustration or de-stress by smashing things (practised action), you may feel a sense of relief due to the physical exertion, adrenaline rush, and emotional outburst. However, such relief is only transient, offering a superficial, false sense of ease.

You may not realise that you have unwittingly planted a seed of aggression, a potential for lashing out. Subsequent acts of smashing and venting are like nurturing the seed, encouraging its growth (deepening mental imprint.) In other words, you have unknowingly created and strengthened your propensity to lash out next time you find yourself in trying situations.

Nothing but a Dress Rehearsal

Anger Management - Smashing through a laptop screen
When dress rehearsal ends and real, potentially harmful, actions begin.

It may come as a surprise, but activities in an Anger (or Rage) Room serve as dress rehearsals. Essentially, you condition yourself to release pent-up emotions by smashing objects—or worse, harming others—when experiencing anger, frustration, stress, or emotional turmoil.

If you keep up this “practice” over time, you might lash out at others more often, whether at work, home, or in challenging situations. This is when the dress rehearsal becomes the real deal. When that occurs, what initially seemed fun and cathartic can quickly turn harmful, affecting not just you but also those around you

More Than You Bargain for

Despair, Costly Mistake Fuel by Rage

The thrill of breaking stuff, knowing that you can do so safely and legally, may be a fresh and uncommon experience. Undoubtedly, the undeniable appeal of not having to clean up afterwards adds to its allure.

Nevertheless, you must realise that the full extent of embarking on such an “adventure” may exceed your total financial expenses, potentially impacting your well-being, career, relationships, or all of the above. In other words, you must weigh the short-term allure against the long-term repercussions.

The notion that smashing stuff up is therapeutic is laughable at best and misguided at worst.
Furthermore, it’s essential to acknowledge that this approach fails to address the underlying causes of your anger, frustration, stress, or emotional turmoil in any constructive manner. Despite investing time, money, and effort, all you have to show is simply a roomful of debris—hardly a meaningful outcome.

So, are there better ways to appease your inner Hulk? You bet! Check out our scientifically proven methods for mastering anger and stress management. Take the first step towards a calmer, more balanced life today.

Reach out to our expert counsellors and psychotherapists to explore our exclusive Anger Management and Stress Management programs tailored just for you.

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