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Gravatar: Thank You for Your Professional Service
I’m glad to have engaged your company’s therapy service. Wish I had done so sooner. Stielmond, my therapist, is both professional and understanding. I highly recommend your service.

Mdm. Jessie Tan

Thank you for helping me ease my stress issue. I now perceive events and happenings with a much healthier, more positive perspective. My life’s quality has improved tremendously. I am truly grateful.

Shermaine Lim

Gravatar: Phobia and Fear Management
I just wanted to say that your service and professionalism is way above my expectations. Thank you very much for helping me overcome with my phobia.

Judith P.

Your Weight Management program is incredibly effective. I have, for as long as I can remember, been struggling with weight problem. I’ve tried many different methods but to no avail. Thanks to your weight management program, I’m now slimmer than ever. I even regain my confidence.

Josephine Tay

I’m always impressed with the service quality I received from your company. Your dedication and commitment in helping me resolve my problems is most commendable. I’ll definitely recommend your services to all my friends and relatives.

Terry H.

Gravatar: All is Love
I have suffered from bloated stomach for many years. This condition was severe enough that I had to alter my eating habit. However, after I underwent two therapy treatments with Stielmond, the condition has greatly improved. I now feel better and enjoy my life more. This is one of the […]

Patricia T.

Gravatar: SG50 F16 Fly Pass
Taking painkiller has been a norm for me. Knowing that having too much painkiller was harming my body, I decided to turn to Hypnotherapy for pain management. It works wonders for me. The result was excellent. The service I received was top-notch. Thank you so very much.

Edward Tang

Gravatar: Anger Management at Yishun Reservior
Anger has been my Achilles’ heels. I decided to seek treatment at Ministry of Therapy where I met Stielmond. He is very empathetic and supportive throughout the sessions. He taught me valuable skills for managing my emotions and techniques for transforming my negative thinking to something more objective, balanced, and […]

Ang K. T.