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We certainly can! In our Anger Management course, you will receive a personalized treatment plan that is tailored just for you. You will not get a cookie-cutter treatment plan from us ever! You work closely with our dedicated, professionally trained therapist to identify the underlying issues that trigger your angry […]

I have anger issue. Can you really help me?

If you understand the language of instruction and are willing to follow the therapist’s instruction, you can be hypnotized. The key factor is, you must be willing to cooperate with the therapist in order to achieve the result you seek. The level of trance that you ultimately attain is dependent […]

How do I know if I can be a hypnotized?

Clinical Hypnotherapy (or Medical Hypnotherapy, or Clinical Hypnosis) is recognized by the scientific community as an effective healing tool. It is known to be successful where other interventions have not been able to produce the desired outcome. There is encouraging evidence demonstrating the beneficial effects of hypno-therapeutic procedures in alleviating the […]

How effective is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

The difference between Clinical Hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis is like night and day. Stage hypnosis is purely for fun and entertainment while Clinical Hypnotherapy is by definition, for therapeutic purpose. A Clinical Hypnotherapist utilizes advance methods of hypnosis to treat a variety of medical and psychological problems. Clinical Hypnotherapy is […]

What is the difference between Clinical Hypnotherapy and Stage Hypnosis?