Anger Management: Smashing and Breaking Stuff to Relieve Stress and Frustration
Smashing and Breaking Things to Relieve Anger and Stress Anger and stress are pent-up energy that requires—even demands—some form of release. Some choose watching TV, a body massage or a nice dinner with family or friends. Others prefer something more physically challenging, like smashing things with a sledgehammer. Since going […]

A Smashing New Way to Relieve Anger and Stress

Perseverance, Persistence, Tenacity
Challenges in the Development of Perseverance, Persistence, and Tenacity Let’s begin with a couple of brainteasers. Take a guess, Who is Harvard’s most successful drop-out? Who was the NBA basketball player entrusted to take the game winning shot but failed not once, not twice, but twenty-six times? Before showing you […]

How You Too Can Improve Your Perseverance Skills with these ...

Insomnia lowers your overall quality of life.
Useful & Practical Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Does any of the following describes your sleeping predicament: You count sheep till the cows come home and yet achieve not a single wink much less forty. You take more than ten minutes to fall asleep once you get in […]

Insomnia? Sleeplessness? Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Painful sex, Female Sexual Dysfunction
From Painful Sex to Sexual Bliss and Beyond In this day and age, it is still regrettably true that in some culture, discussion on and investigation into sex and sexual intimacy—especially women’s sexuality—are taboo and stigmatized. The unfortunate consequences are that some women continue to endure the thrust of painful […]

From Painful Sex to Sexual Bliss and Satisfaction…for Women

Happiness equals to reality divided by expectation. 1
Living a Happier, More Fulfilling Life… Really! Happiness? Fulfillment? Seeing from a different perspective, the quote above can be taken as: “If you wait for everything to be fine and dandy before you can be happy, you’re in dire need of therapy.” Happiness and fulfillment, fundamentally, are states of mind and […]

Living a Happier, More Fulfilling Life

Past-life Regression Therapy
Past Life Regression Therapy & Reincarnation A True Account of Past Life and Reincarnation? ABC Primetime aired a documentary on June 30, 2005* of a down-to-earth Christian family living in Louisiana, USA. Nothing unusual about it except that its members were experiencing reincarnation first hand. The protagonist was a young […]

Past Life Regression Therapy & Reincarnation

Learn Anger Management Skills so that screaming and shouting are things of the past.
Learn Anger Management Skills for a Happier Life Has anyone ever told you that you always look angry, irritated, or frustrated? Are you constantly feeling frustrated and angry? Do you snap at others, usually an innocent family members or partner, over seemingly trivial matter? Do you have a quick-temper, a […]

Anger Management – Who Wants a Happier Life?

Building Lasting, Fulfilling & Happy Relationships Living under the same roof is no guarantee that people would get to really understand and value one another. In fact, it may produce the opposite effect. One of the consequences of small family size, rising affluence, demanding work commitments, pursuit of material wealth, […]

Secret to Building Long-Lasting, Fulfilling & Healthy Relationships

Care for Your Mental Well-Being It is a given that physical illnesses are a relatively common and natural occurrence. Most, if not all, of us accepts the fact that our physical body do fall sick from time to time. When it comes to our mental wellness however, the situation is acutely dire […]

What You Don’t Know about Mental Wellness Can Hurt You